About Us

How Les Bruyants Was Created

It started years ago with a casual comment on Flickr. Laura posted a wonderful black and white street photo, and Jill commented, “I just want to write stories about the people that you capture.” Maybe it wasn’t those exact words, but that was the sentiment. So Laura posted another image the next week, tagged Jill in the photo, and suggested she begin writing.

And nothing happened. Not a single thing. No words. Nothing.

Fast forward to 2012 in Toronto. Laura, replete with two cameras, and Jill set off on an early morning walk. The crisp autumn air forced them to walk quickly through the streets of Little Portugal, stopping  briefly for a whiff of various bakeries or peering at the cupcakes in multiple shop windows.

“So, are we going to collaborate on this photography writing thing?” one of them said. “Of course! How do you want to start?” the other replied. And their walk continued as they mulled it over.

Later that weekend when they were on their return to the United States, they chatted their way through customs, declaring their love of Canadian sweatpants and whiskey and poutine. At one point, other weary travelers were told to follow “the noisy ones.”

“The noisy ones?” they wondered aloud. “Who are the noisy ones?” Laura and Jill looked around and realized that they were in fact the ones in question, which only led to more laughter on their part. In the terminal, they discussed titles for their new venture. “Why not The Noisy Ones?”

And so, Les Bruyants, French for “the noisy ones” (technically, les plus bruyants is), was born. A collaboration between two friends. A marriage of photography and words.

Laura Yurs can be found at Laura Louise Photography; Jill Greenwood blogs at Unraveling This Life. Both women contribute on Overexposed + Underdeveloped.

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